BABOR Skin Care


BABOR Skin Care

With over 50 years of expertise, people around the world trust BABOR. Over 100,000 beauty professionals worldwide have made a long-term commitment to BABORs outstanding skin care concepts and products, such as the highly effective ampoules or the Advanced Biogen skin care line. Today, BABOR is one of the worlds leading brands in the professional skin care industry. It is represented in more than 60 countries around the globe at BABOR institutes, exclusive distributors and day spa's.

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Founded in 1955 by Dr. Michael Babor with the patent of the hydrophilic face cleansing oil Hy-Ol, Babor has grown to be one of the world's leading cosmetic brands thanks to its philosophy of naturalness, effectiveness and individuality. Babor is the leading skin care system in continental Europe, and has a growing following in the US. With a full line of skin care, makeup and wellness products, Babor provides you an individual path towards beauty. Working in harmony with nature, Babor combines dynamic concepts and effective products with its stringent quality control to help you bring out your true inner beauty.

BABOR skin care products reveal the most beautiful you. BABOR cosmetics are premium products that combine state-of-the-art scientific knowledge and the beneficial effects of active natural ingredients at the highest possible level. Babor skincare natural sources, guarantee the highest degree of skin compatibility.

To care for your skin every day and enable it to retain its inner and outer balance, we recommend the BABOR skincare system. The product and treatment systems used by your BABOR esthetician are individually tailored to the specific needs of your skin.

Babor is a highly-acclaimed, distinguished skin care company based in Continental Europe who prides itself on dedication to producing high quality products formulated with a precise, scientific methodology that combines the marvelously effective properties of natural ingredients with advanced, healing formulas. Recognized as one of the most reliable, trusted brands in the cosmetic industry, Babor is constantly subjecting its progressive compositions to revision and improvement to better suit the companyís limitless variety of beauty conscious consumers. In cooperation with universities and trained experts and professionals,Babor strives to produce products comprised of highly-tolerated ingredients of an entirely natural design that encourage healthy, visibly radiant skin. Baborís team of health and skin care therapists devote themselves to progressive forms of research and experimental development techniques, cultivating unique beauty-propelling properties such as glutathione, an effective ingredient extracted from white wine yeast. By pushing the limits of excellence and maintaining a strict code of production, Babor promises to provide cosmetics and skin care products formulated with the most state-of-the-art properties available for visibly remarkable results.

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